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XABH-9000 Helmet Tester

The XABH-9000 Helmet Tester is a hand-held, battery powered instrument for verifying the proper operation of aviation-type speakers and microphones, individually or as part of complete headsets.

XABH-9000 Helmet Tester

    • Easy to use.


    • Quick Feedback and diagnosis of the communication system, and capability to track intermittent errors.


    • Tests helmets communications systems by simulating an intercom system for verifying proper operation by wearing the headset and speaking into the communications microphone.


    • Includes a built-in microphones and a speaker for testing individual speakers and helmet microphones and allows trouble-shooting in the event normal loop-back testing fails.


    • The internal microphone has automatic gain control to be used up close or remotely (to pick up ambiet noise).


    • Compatible with dynamic microphones ranging from 5 to 6000 ohms.


    • Designed for speakers and speaker systems ranging from 4 to 600 ohms.


    • Intended for indoor workshop use, battery driven (AA).



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