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Wireless Gate Release System (WGRS)

The Wireless Gate Release System (WGRS) is a remote control system that keeps the loadmaster safely behind moving payloads exiting the aircraft.


It also allows selective bundle release when used in combination with Capewell’s Helicopter Sling Load – Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System (HSL-JPADS).

Wireless Gate Release System (WGRS)

    • Selfcontained roll-on/roll-off system requiring only aircraft anchor points.


    • Compatible with all aircraft and has customized Graphic User Interface (GUIs) for the C-130 and C-17.


    • Keeps the Loadmaster safely behind moving payloads exiting the aircraft.


    • One Master Control Station (MCS) can control up to 40 Wireless Gate Release Mechanisms (WGRM).


    • One aircraft can resupply numerous DZ’s on same mission.


    • Ideal for use with Capewell’s Helicopter Sling Load.


    • Unlimited flexibility to configure cargo bay.


    • No consumables, all components reused including restraint webbing.


    • Mass Release Capability permits “Freight Train”delivery of cargo with a single button press.


    • Stagger Release of CDS Bundles to prevent fratricide of guided or unguided systems, if required.

    • 6,200 lb LWGRM 


    • 25,000 lb HWGRM
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