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Virtual Loadmaster Training System (VLTS)

VLTS is the first aerial delivery simulator developed specifically for fixed and rotary wing loadmasters. 


VLTS enhances the training curriculum by providing students with true to life experience in a wide range of scenarios from normal operations to the most critical airdrop emergencies—all in a safe environment.

Virtual Loadmaster Training System (VLTS)

    • An immersive training aid, giving students real-time experience in advanced 3D virtual environments that simulate a variety of different aerial delivery scenarios in a safe training environment.


    • Allows two students to train simultanously, acting as both the primary and secondary loadmaster.


    • The instructor can control environmental conditions, inject malfunctions and debrief the student using the after-action replay (AAR) fuction and auto-generated assessment report.


    • All communications between the student and instructor are recorded and saved for the debriefing.

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