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Survivor Lite Tactical Vest

The Survivor -Lite Aircrew Vest is Capewell’s new and innovative vest design. 


This new patented concept integrates vest and flotation collar into one lightweight assembly.


This design eliminates common problems experienced by aircrew with traditionally designed vests such as collar rub, neck fatigue, and hindered range of motion while wearing a flight helmet.

Survivor Lite Tactical Vest

    • Minimum 44 lbs of bouyancy.


    • Single bladder inflated with one 40 gm CO2 cartridge (dual bladder available).


    • Survivor locator light built in.


    • Survival whistle included.


    • MOLLE pocket mounting system.


    • Low profile flotation with superior flotation angle.


    • One size fits most.


    • Only weighs 2.63 lbs.


    • Robust wear resistance.


    • Fire retardancy.

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