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SPH-4B Rotary Wing Aircrew Helmet

Originally developed for the global demands of the U.S. Army, the SPH-4®B Helicopter Flight Helmet provides superior protection and comfort in an innovative design. 


A strong, lightweight composite shell and polystyrene energy-absorbing liner effectively protect the head from impact, while our inner Thermoplastic Liner (TPL®) optimizes head fit and comfort. 


Aerial is a Military distributor, exclusive for US Army and USCG for GENTEX

SPH-4B Rotary Wing Aircrew Helmet

    • Yoke-style retention system stabilizes the helmet and affords an optimum fit at the chin and nape.


    • Advanced ear cups that can be rotated for enhanced fit and sound attenuation.


    • Reduce the transmitted force while screening out excessive noise levels that can impair hearing.


    • Dual visor system features a clear visor and a neutral gray (sunshade) visor with a mounting platform for the V-1 mount for ANVIS-6 Night Vision Goggles.

    • Laser visors, high contrast visors and gradient visors are available as upgrades from Gentex .


    • Optional SPH-4®B communications system incorporates a wire boom-mounted M-87A/AIC adjustable or flex boom microphone, a microphone cord, EV986 dual earphones.


    • Optional 36 inch -coil cord with a U-174/U C.I.P connector plug and U-172/U microphone jack for radio communications.

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