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SEA Single Refill Station (SRS-4500)

The Single Refill Station (SRS-4500) provides the aviation life support technician with a safe, economical, and deployable ability to fill one SEA-4500 device at a time.


Warranty: One year after purchase

SEA Single Refill Station (SRS-4500)

    • High pressure breathing air refill station 


    • Designed to interface and fill the Aqua Lung SEA-4500 and all legacy SEA emergency breathing systems, one at a time


    • Includes a 4500 PSI (310 bar) COPV high pressure cylinder


    • Cylinder can be refilled from a commercial breathing air refill facility, or compressor that is set up to refill a 4500 PSI SCBA


    • Mounting stand safely secures both cylinders during refilling operation


    • Contains an adjustable fill pressure regulator to allow the filling to working pressures of both 3000 PSI and 4500 PSI


    • Adjustable fill regulator has an easy hand adjustment and two indicator gauges with protective rubber covers

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