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Portable Helicopter Oxygen Delivery System (PHODS)

The Portable Helicopter Oxygen Delivery System (PHODS) is a man-mounted oxygen system that can be attached directly to a crew member’s flight vest and helmet to support flight and ground missions at high altitudes.


The oxygen cylinder is a 3AA 4130X steel cylinder that is placed in a pocket made from flame-resistant material and mounted on the flight vest. 

Portable Helicopter Oxygen Delivery System (PHODS)

    • The oxygen is delivered from the cylinder with a first stage regulator to the user through a rubber nasal cannula or face mask.


    • Oxygen delivery is managed by the OPC-M1 Pulse Demand Oxygen unit, powered by two AA batteries.


    • The Oxygen Pulse Controller (OPC) automatically provides a predetermined amount of oxygen when it senses a pressure differential caused by the user’s breathing.


    • The OPC-M1 regulator has an internal barometer to detect altitude and becomes active and de-active at preset altitudes.


    • When the system is turned on, it becomes active/delivers oxygen above 10,000 feet (ft) pressure altitude (PA).


    • Stops delivering oxygen when the altitude drops below 8,500 ft PA.


    • The PHODS is designed for AH-64, UH-60 and CH-47 crews and for altitudes up to 18,000 ft.

    • CLIP KIT, 56P P/N: 102907


    • CLIP KIT, IHU P/N: 103498


    • P/N: 102935
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