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Personal Restraint Tether

This is the US Army approved Personal Restraint Tether that is used with the Air Warrior System.


Intended for use in securing aircrew members inside the aircraft. 


In the event of a fall outside of the aircraft, this unique tether system decelerates the crewman and reduces the shock force exerted on him.

Personal Restraint Tether

    • Adjustable from 2.5 feet to 11.5 feet in length.


    • Attaches to the V-Ring on the CSP or a seven millimeter diameter link.


    • Available at GSA Advantage.


    • Double action, locking swivel hook for attachment to the airframe.


    • Hook working load limit: 1500 pounds.


    • Compatible with all aircrew vests/harnesses and airframes.


    • Standard colors: Foliage Green and Black.


    • MS22017-7 Ejector snap is standard for attachment of crew member (Optional hardware available).

    • P/N: 1005942-3 Rev C


    • NSN: 1680-01-564-6813
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