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Modular Airborne Weapons Case (MAWC)

The Capewell  Modular Airborne Weapons Case (MAWC) is a modular fully adjustable padded reinforced designed multi-purpose airdrop container that provides today’s Paratrooper the ability to rig countless number of weapons and equipment in a single container reducing the number of modified legacy container currently fielded.

Modular Airborne Weapons Case (MAWC)

    • USASOC-Approved. 


    • Easy to maintain. 


    • Highly adjustable. 


    • Heavily reinforced. 


    • Two sizes accommodate 99% of hand-held weapons, including the Carl Gustav. 


    • Small case accommodates M4 to M249 with standard butt stock (31”-41.5”). 


    • Large case accommodates M249 to M107 with • 29” barrel (40”-56.5”).

    • Adjustable large Marine Shackle with lanyard for easy donning and doffing.


    • Heavy duty brass zipper with lanyard.


    • Large closing flap with adjustable webbing and quick release buckles.


    • Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) webbing to secure sensitive items with a padded divider.


    • Lower leg tie down with storage pocket.


    • Internal hook and pile tape secured pockets.


    • Type four square webbing to secure Hook Pile Tape (HPT) lowering line.


    • Heavy duty carrying handle.


    • Size: Small and Large.


    • Colour: Foliage Green.



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