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Mobile Refill Station (MRS-4500)

The Mobile Refill Station (MRS-4500) is a portable refill device for Aqua Lung emergency breathing systems.

Mobile Refill Station (MRS-4500)

    • Designed to fill from 1 to 4 Aqua Lung SEA-4500s at a time, The MRS-4500 is the next generation of the legacy MRSIII.


    • Can be refilled from the Aerial Life Support Air Compressor (LSAC).


    • Includes a rugged powder coated aluminum case with an easy to use fill panel. The fill panel is positioned at a comfortable work height when the lid is opened. 


    • Can be easily secured to a bulkhead for travel or easily rolled. Designed with recessed latches and handles.


    • Can also be used to fill the Aqua Lung SEA family with a working pressure of 3000 PSI (206 bar).

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