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LPU-40 Flotation Collar

The LPU-40 Flotation Collar keeps personnel afloat even in tough conditions.


NOTE: The first photo shows the product “as worn”; the second shows the collar after inflation.

LPU-40 Flotation Collar

    • Approximately 65 pounds of flotation bouyancy.


    • Nomex casing, attaches using MOLLE system.


    • Dual bladder construction.


    • High visibility orange color and reflective tape.


    • Single-pull inflation lanyard for two actuators and 29 gram CO2 cartridges.


    • Automatic or manual operation. 


    • Unique bladder design which incorporates arm straps and cinch strap to keep personnel in proper flotation position.

    • P/N: AMTC-R1049-BLA (Black/Aramid)


    • P/N: 1005877-1 (UC)

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