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HGU-56/P, U.S Army Version

The U.S. Army standard with leading impact protection.  


This helmet the most popular rotary wing helmet system and it combines superior impact protection with a light weight design in response to the U.S. Army Air Soldier Program’s objective of reduced weight and bulk of flight safety equipment.  


The result is a helmet that is comfortable and functional for aircrews performing extended missions over land and sea.


Colour- Foliage Green.

Weight 2.8 to 3.2 lbs without communication device.

HGU-56/P, U.S Army Version

    • Improved communications clarity.


    • Lightweight construction improves long-term comfort.


    • Reduced noise levels protect against hearing loss.


    • Superior side impact protection.


    • Custom-fit Thermo Plastic Liner (TPL®) for increased comfort.


    • Dual visor provided clear and sunshade protection; laser visor optional.


    • Integrated design mounts for sights, displays and Night Vision Goggles.


    • Improved chin strap and retention system reduces aircrew impact injury.


    • Compatible with variety of NBC masks.


    • Available in Solar White, Aircraft Green, Coast Guard Blue and additional colors upon request.

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