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HGU-56/P Aircrew Helmet with CEP

This is a specialized version of the standard US Army HGU-56/P Aircrew helmet (listed separately), but with a Communication Earpiece (CEP) already installed.


Colour: Aircraft Green.


For complete details on the base helmet see the product listing for HGU-56/p Improved.

HGU-56/P Aircrew Helmet with CEP

    • P/N: 88D7590-7 HGU-56/P, US Army Version, XX Small (CEP Installed)


    • P/N: 88D7590-8 HGU-56/P, US Army Version, X Small (CEP Installed)


    • P/N: 88D7590-9 HGU-56/P, US Army Version, Small (CEP Installed)


    • P/N: 88D7590-10 HGU-56/P, US Army Version, Medium (CEP Installed)


    • P/N: 88D7590-11 HGU-56/P, US Army Version, Large (CEP Installed)
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