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Helicopter Passenger Flotation Device

The quick-don Passenger Flotation Device is designed to give non-crew helicopter passengers an emergency means of flotation when flying over water.

Helicopter Passenger Flotation Device

    • Device is packed in a pouch and attached by a belt.


    • Compact.


    • Light weight.


    • Designed to be issued to individuals flying on helicopters that do not have flotation.


    • Passenger will don the collar (un-inflated) prior to flight.


    • When needed, the vest inflates via manual activation of the CO2 cylinder.


    • Oral inflation tube is also provided.


    • This compact system can also be equipped with an Survival Egress Air System (SEA), giving the passenger flotation and emergency breathing air in one system.


    • Provides 25 lbs. of buoyancy.

    • P/N: AMTC-R1109-UC (UC)  


    • P/N:AMTC-R1109-BL (Black)
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