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Helicopter Egress System For Passengers (HESP)

Helicopter Egress System For Passengers (HESP) is crucial safety equipment for all passengers in helicopters operating over water.


HESP is also available with ALPS flotation collar instead of LPU-40.

Helicopter Egress System For Passengers (HESP)

    • Designed for helicopter passengers unlikely event of ditching over water.


    • Consist of floatation collar assembly (either LPU-40 or ALPS Collar) and a SEA emergency breathing system (purchased separately).


    • LPU-40 floatation collar to provide 65 lbs. of buoyancy for helicopter passengers in the event of emergency ditching at sea.


    • Comes with a utility pocket and SEA compartment.


    • One size fits most.

    • P/N: AMTC-R1115-UC   LPU-40


    • P/N: AMTC-R1124-UC   HESP Harness


    • P/N: AMTC-P1268-UC   HESP Utility Pocket


    • P/N:AMTC-P1269-UC   HESP Bottle Pocket
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