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“Frost” Parachute Release

The Frost Parachute Release is a US Government approved device for releasing a parachute canopy from the harness to prevent the air crewman from being dragged upon landing.

“Frost” Parachute Release

    • Releases easily even when pilot is being dragged across ground or through water.


    • Compatible with Universal Water Activated Release System (UWARS).


    • Currently in use by US and foreign air forces. 


    • Easy to retrofit to multiple configurations -ejection seat mounted -backpack style parachutes. 


    • Conforms to USA F military specification: MIL-Q-87152. 


    • Use with ACES II Ejection Seat and PCU-15/P Harness.

    • Working Load: 4,500 lbs


    • Ultimate Load: 8,500 lbs


    • Activation Force: 35 lb max @ 300 lbs load.

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