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Deployable Oxygen Refill Station (DORS)

The Deployable Oxygen Refill Station (DORS) is a self-contained, transportable refill station for oxygen cylinders.


It is ideal for use with portable oxygen breathing systems such as the Personal Helicopter Oxygen Delivery System (PHODS) which is used by helicopter pilots and crews operating at high altitudes.

Deployable Oxygen Refill Station (DORS)

    • Fills up to six O2 cylinders at a time.


    • Provides working pressures up to 3000 PSI.


    • Broad working temperature range: -40⁰F to 210⁰F (-23⁰C to 99⁰C).


    • Recessed cylinders are aluminum lined carbon fiber composite rated to 5500 PSI.


    • Metal components are brass and stainless steel-specially prepped for oxygen service.


    • Durable solid wall Pelican case with open cell core is watertight, dust proof and crushproof.

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