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Centerline Vertical Restraint System (CVRS)

The Centerline Vertical Restraint System (CVRS) from Capewell Aerial Systems sets the standard for US and Allied military air drops.


This system provides vertical and lateral restraint throughout the flight and during the air drop. Compatible with C-130 standard and C-130 stretched.

Centerline Vertical Restraint System (CVRS)

    • Effective and combat-proven.


    • Easy to install, no special tools required and a team of two people can install or remove the CVRS in less than 30 minute.


    • Use on the C-130 aircraft to provide vertical and lateral restraint of Container Delivery System (CDS) containers during flight and throughout the airdrop phase.


    • Permits the airdrop of up to twelve A-22 containers from each side of the aircraft.


    • Each container can be rigged and airdropped in a single pass, for a total of 24 individual containers, or all 24 can be airdropped simultaneously.


    • Designed to accommodate 48” plywood skidboards.


    • Uses the existing tiedown rings in the aircraft and provides a similar set of tiedown rings as replacement.


    • Delivers ease of operation and proven reliability in combat situations.

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