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“Capewell” Parachute Release

The Capewell lanyard-type parachute canopy release is a hand activated mechanical device for detaching the parachute harness from the canopy.

“Capewell” Parachute Release

    • Quick, safe disengagement from the canopy.


    • U.S Government approved.

    • Manufactured from drop forged steel and is constructed for superior strength.


    • Manufactured under stringent ISO 9001 quality control standards.

    • Maximum rated load limit: 9000 pounds.


    • Each component undergoes 100% inspection and each finished release is subjected to a 5000 pound (2268 kg) pull test.


    • Female Canopy Release Weight: 8 oz. (227g).


    • Male Canopy Release Weight: 4 oz. (113g).

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