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ALPS Flotation Collar (Dual Bladder)

The ALPS is the perfect lightweight flotation collar for military and civilian aircrews. 


Available in single and dual-bladder versions.


The dual-bladder version (shown) is designed with a unique redundant double bladder system with two CO2's, over pressure relief valve and two oral inflation tubes.

ALPS Flotation Collar (Dual Bladder)

    • Very light.


    • Low profile design that leaves user free to operate unhindered.


    • Easy to maintain.


    • Floatation bladder is part of the outer casing.


    • Comes with whistle and water-activated light.


    • Can be fitted with an auto-inflation device.


    • Oral inflation tube for user’s adjustment.

    • Includes integrated whistle, reflective tape and water activated light (ACR L8-3).


    • Outer casing made of Fire Retardant materials.


    • Provides 35 lbs of buoyancy.

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