Gentex HGU-56/P Improved Rotary Wing Helmet System

The U.S. Army Standard With Leading Impact Protection

We improved our most popular rotary wing helmet system to support the U.S. Army Air Soldier Program objective to reduce the weight and bulk of flight safety equipment for extended mission requirements of rotary wing aircrew. The HGU-56/P Improved Rotary Wing Helmet System weighs less than the standard HGU-56/P Helmet System, making it easily wearable during extended use while maintaining industry-leading impact-protection levels. By utilizing an innovative lightweight retention and suspension system, the improved system increases comfort and stability.  Additional design changes provide even better situational awareness by shifting the wearer’s head forward to increase field of view.  Designed to meet the strict demands of the U.S. Armed Forces, this helmet system can be used with or without helmet mounted display systems or oxygen delivery equipment.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Advanced lightweight retention and suspension system increases comfort and stability while reducing weight by 50 grams.
  • Updated Gentex energy attenuating liner improves situational awareness by shifting the head forward inside the helmet to provide an increasing field of view by 3 degrees.
  • Offers the same industry-leading impact protection levels as the previous version.
  • Advanced lightweight retention system improves stability while maintaining compatibility with Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) systems,Oxygen delivery systems and communication equipment.